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Sisel Challenge

Everyone wants to look defined and lean.
You can change your body in 12 weeks. Here’s how.

Begin Now
How can you begin your 12-week quest for the ultimate body? It’s easy!

1. Pick a pack
2. Transform

After 12 Weeks…

1. Submit your story and before and after photos at our Sisel Challenge Community on  
2. Show off your new physique
3. Enjoy the flood of compliments


You can begin today to transform your body with Sisel’s revolutionary Fit and Fabulous weight management products. And when you share Fit & Fabulous products, you may be entitled to get your own products the next month for free! Here’s how it works:

  • - purchase a qualified pack.
  • - show three friends how to enroll as a Preferred Customer and purchase qualified packs of equal    or greater value
  • - your next qualified pack is free for the next month
  • - maintain three PCs on qualified packs each month and keep getting yours for free!

That’s it! Simple, right? And the better your body looks, the more people will approach you about how they can do what you’re doing!


Don’t miss out on prizes and weight loss recognition at our
North America World convention in Las Vegas, NV.